Translation services and the US Border Crossings

The American dream has and continues to be a target destination for many individuals especially the ones closer to its border crossing. However, the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) remains a scarecrow that many individuals do not want to face. Reason? Unending communication barriers between the public and Agency personnel. For these individuals held hostage at the US border crossings, communication is not their main challenge, their main problem is communicating in English. There is a thin line between translation services and the US border crossings which intentionally labels such individuals as limited English proficient or LEP.

Challenges after Successful US Border Crossings

Several factors add up to these barriers. However, they are solvable through effective translation services as we shall see.

Language Barriers

As boldly stated, most individuals at the US border crossings are not inefficient in their communication skills, they just lack English proficiency. Before endeavoring on such a quest, such individuals might need to seek services like Mexican Spanish to English interpretation or translation. It will help them or prepare them to be well-informed with some of the questions they might have to deal with at the border crossings. Such questions might be related to their health records, marital status, previous profession, or even level of education.

Employment Opportunities

If by good luck or preparation an individual manages to get a green light from the US border crossing, the next hurdle will be how they intent to make a living like all other US citizens. Depending on your level of education or previous employment history, you might get opportunities at restaurants, bookshops, shopping malls, schools, etc. Under such settings, your customer-to-client communication needs to be on point. In this case, you might need to understand all there is to know about such professions from an English language perspective. For instance, a southern American Spanish translation service might be all that you need to get in line with the English culture.


The first question that always pops up on someone’s mind after a successful invitation into a new country or environment setting is where they are going to stay. Some of the housing factors to go for include safety, accessibility, pricing, and beautification. To be able to describe and locate your dream house based on a specific budget and in a foreign language is not an easy task. The housing agency or agent you seek needs to easily understand your needs and budget.

Access to Medical Services

Health is a prioritized asset by all humans. That said, being able to describe your ailments while visiting a medical facility to be given an accurate diagnosis of your ailment is an underrated skill set. You might go through all the medical journals that you know just to piece a clue. However, when its a medical emergency, a simple translation service like Haitian Creole to English might be all that you needed.

Cultural Differences

Individuals that legally and successfully cross borders should not be regarded as burden carriers. Apart from hopes and dreams, they also carry rich and infectious cultures. To understand and share these cultures with others, translation and interpretation services are needed. It prevents most individuals from being perceived as culturally insensitive.