Sign Language Interpretation

American Sign Language interpretation is in high demand in our society nowadays

A sign language interpreter of high caliber is profiled on this page. She’s just one of many exceptional sign language professionals on our staff.

American Sign Language is the first language of most deaf and hard of hearing North Americans. It is a very popular language in the United States today considering that roughly about 1% of the US population is deaf or hard of hearing. Many states have passed (or are currently passing) laws to recognize American sign language as a complete and natural language. The need for ASL interpreters in this country has steadily increased in recent years. A full time sign language interpreter today makes a decent living because of the high demand. In most school systems nowadays, the deaf and hard of hearing students are being mainstreamed with the rest of the student population. Job applicants who can sign are more attractive to employers today than they have ever been because of the fact they can serve as interpreters in the workplace if and when they are needed in that capacity.

We provide Sign Language CERTIFIED ASL INTERPRETATION SERVICES for the following meetings:

  1. Courtroom Proceedings
  2. Depositions
  3. Recorded Statements
  4. Trial
  5. Immigration meeting
  6. Conventions
  7. Employee Meetings
  8. Business Meetings
  9. Simultaneous Interpretation
  10. Conferences
  11. …and Many More!

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For a history of sign language, I will have a link for you at the end of this page.

At this time, I would like to introduce you to one of the most hard working ASL interpreters on our staff today. Her name is Jessica Greenfield. Jessica grew up in Hartford, Connecticut in an area where quite a few deaf and hard of hearing residents lived. As a teenager, she went to school with many of them and
most of her friends were deaf or hard of hearing even though she spoke English. She seemed to have had a natural affinity or connection with them. At the age of sixteen, she dated a young man who was hard of hearing and who ultimately became her husband. Jessica began learning to sign at the age of thirteen. Today, she is a full time freelance ASL interpreter. She works with the Hartford county public schools, the courts, and other agencies like ours. Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal Justice and she is a mother of two.

Here’s Jessica in her own words

“My name is Jessica Greenfield and I’m an American sign Language interpreter. I’ve been signing since the age of 13. Signing for me is more than a way of making a living. In fact, I don’t even view it as such. I see it as way of giving part of myself to the deaf and hard of hearing community here in Hartford, Connecticut. I feel really good with my choice of career. I get to bridge a gap in communication between two worlds: the world of hearing and the world of the deaf and hard of hearing”

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