Specialized Language Instructions

At Languages Unlimited, we provide a wide range of services intended to break the language barrier and facilitate greater communication throughout the world. While our translation and interpretation services are heavily relied upon by many of our clients, we also offer specialized language instruction. But what exactly does specialized language instruction entail? More importantly, are our specialized language instruction services right for you? Read on to find out.


The specialized language instruction services we offer at Languages Unlimited are quite different to our translation services. While the latter is designed to help a client to communicate with a person or entity with whom they do not share a language, specialized language instruction aims to help the client develop their proficiency in another tongue. This is achieved through a series of robust and comprehensive language exercises, which can be completed in one-on-one sessions or as part of group classes.


Custom Courses

As mentioned above, we offer our specialized language instruction services in one-on-one sessions as well as group classes. Group classes have the advantage of increased socializing and networking opportunities. However, our one-on-one classes create a more unique learning experience for each student. Should you pursue specialized language instruction through a solo class, our Languages Unlimited professionals will craft a custom course based on what you wish to achieve. This allows us to provide robust language instructions for people of all walks of life, ranging from tourists to business people and even government officials.

Online Instruction Available

At Languages Unlimited, we offer on-site lessons for those in our one-on-one and group programs. However, we understand that these in-person lessons may not be a possibility for everybody. For this reason, we also offer a variety of online classes. These remote sessions are often conducted via Skype, however your Languages Unlimited professional will work with you to find an alternative communication platform should you desire it. By offering online lessons to complement our in-person classes, we can provide comprehensive language instruction to clients all over the world. It also allows us to keep in touch with past students who may need to brush up on their language skills while abroad.

Any Language, Anywhere, Any time

Many agencies which provide specialized language instruction operate on a rigid business schedule with no wiggle room. While this may not pose a problem for those who are pursuing on-site classes, it is extremely inconvenient for students who require online instruction. It can often lead to international clients waking up at odd hours just to fit their lessons in around their agency’s time. At Languages Unlimited, however, the comfort of our clients is our primary concern. Your Languages Unlimited professional will work off your schedule and will meet with you online or in-person at a time that is most convenient for you. This will allow you to achieve your language goals without sacrificing your professional or personal life. As well as a more flexible schedule, we offer a greater selection of languages than competing agencies. This includes French, Arabic, Korean, Italian, Spanish, and virtually any other language a tourist, business person, or government employee may wish to master.




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