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Languages Unlimited is recognized as one of the leaders in telephonic interpretation globally. Our state-of-the-art telephone interpreting system guarantees that you can get an interpreter for your target language in less than a minute. When you call our dedicated line, you can be sure of the most professional and capable telephone interpreter services without needing lengthy operator assistance. With over 20 years in translation industry, we are more than capable of providing you with assistance for your telephonic interpreting needs.

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Our clients have the advantage of benefitting from a wide range of major languages provided by us as well as the rare ones that are hard to find an interpreter for. We currently provide interpretation services for more than 215 languages comprising of every major world language along with exotic and rare languages.


Our telephonic interpreters are selected solely on their ability to convey the meaning rather than deliver a word-for-word interpretation. Languages Unlimited boasts of a team that consists of more than 2,000 interpreters, majority of whom are native speakers of target languages. In addition, our linguists have an average experience of seven years per person along with a minimum of three year experience at least individually for telephonic interpreting. All of our interpreters are certified with a minimum of bachelor degree in the target language.


Here is a look at some of the reasons you should select us for your over-the-phone interpreting needs:

  • More than 215 languages offered
  • Access to over 2,000 certified interpreters
  • 24x7x365 Availability
  • Technologically advanced telephonic interpreting system
  • Intelligently designed systems finds interpreters within seconds
  • Zero connection drop-outs

Since our interpreting network can be accessed on demand, it enables you to eliminate any waiting time or to book in advance for your call.

Languages Unlimited is wholly committed to providing professional and highly reliable over the phone interpreting services. You can request a free quote by filling out the form below or go to the Interpretation Request page to order services.

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