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Dear Valued Client,

We accept many forms of payment on our website. We accept most types of credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, etc.. We also accept PayPal. Making a payment on our website is very secure. We do not get to see your credit card or account information. So please, do not be hesitant, go ahead an pay!

Before making a payment, it’s important to know the exact amount that you are required to pay. It is advisable to contact us first if you are not sure about the amount to pay. It is also recommended to enter as much information as possible about the invoice or account for which you are paying in the check-out area of the payment process. You may enter (for example) an estimate number, an invoice number, or a statement number etc.. The goal is to enter any information that you deem necessary to allow us to identify your payment so that we can properly credit it.

Without further ado, please pay now. Thank you for your business.

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