On-site Interpretation

Languages Unlimited provides cost-effective, reliable, and quality on-site interpretation services throughout America as well as on a global scale. We have extensive consecutive & simultaneous interpreting services for a comprehensive range of widely spoken as well as more exotic languages in various settings. There can be a number of scenarios and situations where you have to deal with Limited English Proficient clients, be it a trade show or a meeting with prospective foreign clients, or a convention. Our certified Subject Matter Expert interpreters help you bridge that language barrier.


The first step towards providing quality interpreting is determining your particular needs. Depending on the situation, there can be two choices for on-site interpreting.



Consecutive interpretation is where first the speaker talks for a few minutes and then the interpreter renders the message in required language. This type of interpretation is more suited to situations such as business meetings, medical consultation, and courtroom proceedings to name a few.


Simultaneous interpreting on the other hand is more suitable where you have a large gathering of people, especially with different lingual and ethnic backgrounds such as a conference. At such occasions, interpreters are seated in sound-proof booths and interpret the delivered message as it is spoken. In order to ensure the quality of interpretation and to keep up with the speakers, we provide interpreters who work in pairs of two.

Depending on the nature of your occasion and the languages involved, we suggest the method which is most appropriate for your specific needs. To ensure the best possible interpretation, we carefully select foreign language interpreters who are native speakers of the language pair(s) and are certified to interpret that particular language.


Languages Unlimited provides on-site interpretation for more than 200 different language pairs that include all the major languages of the world. Our certified, native speakers help you deliver your message to your intended audience in your target language(s) in an accurate and professional manner.


In almost every situation where you need interpreting services, information needs to be delivered in real-time while ensuring the error-free rendition of the subject matter. With more than 20 years in the translation industry, we have the advantage of having more than 10,000 linguists in our database across the globe. This affords us the unique opportunity to carefully select Subject Matter Experts that would be most beneficial for your event, be it a seminar, conference, or a trade show. Whether your event is about promoting a product, a business meeting, or any other setting, you can be sure of receiving reliable interpretation from an expert on the particular field concerned with your event.

Languages Unlimited guarantees top-notch services delivered through a professional business model and user-friendly ordering and tracking system specifically designed to meet your needs. To place your order, please fill out the Contact Us form below. You can add more information about the services required by filling out the form at Interpretation Request Page.


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