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San Francisco is among the top 15 largest cities in the US and is considered as the cultural and economic center of Northern California. The city of San Francisco presents some interesting facts when it comes to its ethnic makeup. More than 30% of the city’s population consists of Asian Americans making them the second largest ethnic group in the city with Chinese, Filipinos, and Vietnamese being the largest groups. According to the United States Census Bureau, only 38% of the city’s residents were born in California while 36% were born outside of the United States.

In addition, more than 45% of the residents of San Francisco speak a language other than English. Of these, major languages are Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Korean, and Vietnamese. With more than one third of the city’s population born outside of the United States, there is big demand for foreign language translation for documents such as birth and marriage certificates and other immigration documents. Operating with a network of more than 10,000 linguists and ASL translators, Languages Unlimited is rightly the one-stop shop for your San Francisco translation and interpretation services.

Language Translation Services, A Mix Of Skill and Experience

Languages Unlimited is a leading document translation and interpretation company in San Francisco having been in this business for the last twenty years. At Languages Unlimited, we are proud to offer linguists in more than 200 languages. In San Francisco, we typically get requests for translation and on-site interpretation for the following.

  • Spanish to English Translation
  • Chinese to English Translation
  • Korean to English Translation
  • Tagalog (Filipino) to English Translation
  • Vietnamese to English Translation
  • American Sign Language Translation

However, we do cover all major global as well as more exotic languages. Our talent pool consists of more than 10,000 translators and interpreters most of whom are native speakers of the relevant languages. Every linguist at Languages Unlimited has at least a bachelor degree in translation or the concerned language along with a minimum experience of 3 years in the industry. Having a quite considerable client base, it is our firm belief that we cannot compromise on quality.

Our Foreign Language Translation Services

Languages Unlimitedoffershighly affordable, professional and certified language translation services for documents such as:

  • Birth & Marriage Certificates,
  • Legal Document Translation,
  • Medical Translation,
  • WebsitesTranslation,
  • Product &Employee Manuals and,
  • Immigration documents to name a few.

Languages Unlimited is also the leading provider of on-site interpretation services in San Francisco. In addition to foreign languages, we also provide interpreters for American Sign Language prevents like:

  • Courtroom proceedings,
  • Depositions,
  • Immigration meetings,
  • Business meetings,
  • Conferences,
  • Conventions and more.

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