Over the years, Languages Unlimited has provided translation, interpretation, transcription and Evaluation services to some large and not so large firms, institutions, and individuals all across the World. Below is a handful of them:

US Citizenship & Immigration services
The University of Chicago
Valencia College
Signa Health Care
US Soccer Federation
US Department of Justice
TesTek Solutions
United Nations
Premier Health
Bank of America (USA)
United Way (USA)
General Motors Canada (Canada)
Alcan (Canada)
Gatwick Express (England)
International Friends (England)
University Hospital Halle (Germany)
University of Miami (USA)
United Nations
The Law Firm of Smith, Feddeler & Miles(USA)
The United States District Courts (USA)
The Law Firm of Casner & Edwards (USA)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of America (USA)

Thousands of immigrants, foreign students, lawyers, doctors, judges, insurance adjusters and individuals worldwide.

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