Legal Translation – Books you Must Read

True! Books hold the key to the wonderland you’ve never been to. Reading is fun; however, sometimes it also help you in professional development. Especially if you are a legal translator. If you’re thinking which books to read to further your knowledge, here we have compiled a list of Must read books for you:

1.Lost in Translation: Effective Legal Writing For the International Legal Community by Kevin J. Fandl

This book will help you to identify the common mistakes made by the legal practitioners in legal documents. The book contains samples of legal documents such as case briefs, citations, and contract to help you guide through the drafting techniques.

2.Legal Translation and Court Interpreting Dictionary by Sean Dean Stromberg

This English to Spanish and Spanish to English dictionary will come handy if you deal with Spanish speaking clients. This is an excellent resource for those who want to expand their legal vocabulary in English and Spanish.

3.Translating Law by Deborah Cao

This book examines the concept of legal translation from an integrative perspective. It covers the concept of legal translation from linguistic and theoretical aspects. It presents a complete analyses of legal texts and examines cases from courts across Europe, Canada, and Hong Kong.

4.New Approach to Legal Translation by  Susan Šarčević

The author identifies legal translation as a means to explain the dynamics of law. The author presents an in-depth study of the concept of legal translation. Also, it emphasizes on the idea of translation between the jurisdictions of civil and common law.

5.Legal Translation in Context by Borja Albi, Anabel and Prieto Ramos, Fernando (editors)

This book will give a systematic overview of the various professional scope of legal translation. It also discusses multiple communicative situations where legal translators play the pivotal role of a mediator.

We hope that the above mentioned books will help you to expand your professional knowledge. If you are looking for legal translation services in USA, then why don’t you get in touch with us? We are one of the premier language service providers in USA. Our team of expert legal translators will take good care of your language needs with precision. Give us a call today at +1-800-864-0372.