Houston Translation Services

Houston, the fourth largest city in the US, is often described as one of the most diverse with large population groups consisting of migrant communities. With a very strong industrial base that includes aeronautics, transportation, energy, international trade, technology and manufacturing, Houston ranks second in the US in terms of having the most Fortune 500 companies. Houston is home to a very strong and diverse population consisting of various ethnic backgrounds. With over 90 languages being spoken in the city, Houston has huge demand for language translation and interpretation and Languages Unlimited is right here to provide these services.

One of the top providers of foreign language translation services in Houston, Languages Unlimited boasts of unmatched experience, professionalism, and affordability. We have been successfully providing these services for more than two decades and enjoy a stellar reputation and a very large client base.

Certified Document Translation Services in Houston

Languages Unlimited offers highly affordable and quality translation services for over 214 languages covering a vast array of subjects and fields like finance, medical, science, technology, and more. Whatever field or subject matter your project belongs to, Languages Unlimited will have a subject matter expert, most likely a native speaker of the related language, at your disposal for fast, reliable, and affordable translation and interpretation. We offer translation and interpretation services for over 214 major and exotic languages. Below are a few of the languages we cover:

  • American Sign Language Interpretation
  • Spanish Document Translation & Interpretation
  • French Document Translation & Interpretation
  • Arabic Document Translation & Interpretation
  • Chinese Document Translation & Interpretation
  • Vietnamese Document Translation & Interpretation

ASL & Foreign Language Interpretation Services

Languages Unlimited is one of the top providers of Sign Language and foreign language interpretation services for on-site and over-the-phone events and meetings such as:

  • Courtroom hearing
  • Depositions
  • Conferences
  • Conventions

Healthcare visits along with many more events covering more than 214 languages.

The Linguist Pool at Languages Unlimited

The linguist pool at Languages Unlimited consists of more than 10,000 translators and interpreters. We like to work with linguists who are native speakers of the languages they are working with. All of our Houston interpreters and translators are bachelor’s degree holders at minimum with a huge number of foreign language translators and interpreters holding Master or Doctoral degrees with at least 3 years of experience in translation and interpretation.

Hire a Foreign Language Translator or Interpreter Now

There are a number of ways you can hire a linguist or get a free quote. You can start by filling out the form on this page, or submit requests at translation page and interpretation page depending on your project needs. You can also reach Languages Unlimited by phone at 1-281-760-3302.