German translation in Los Angeles

When we speak of what it is to perform translations in German, it is important to know that this is one of the most complex languages, idiomatically speaking. Therefore, translating any text or document of a company into German requires a lot of precision and a special dedication from native German translators with a high level in the technical sector.

Grammatical structures of the German language, declensions, the score … All this requires having a team of German translators with a much higher skill set that is usually required in the Romance languages. Just for you an example to make you understand it better – you have to think that a German phrase can have more than 50 words without even a single sign of punctuation.

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In addition to the complexity of good translations into German derived from what we’ve discussed earlier, it is noteworthy that the German public is very, very demanding when it comes to their language. Thus, any error in the German translation of a text or a web page can be interpreted as an unforgivable failure to lose face to the company with a demanding public.

German translations

Since our inauguration as a translation agency in Los Angeles specializing in translations into German (and other languages), we have translated texts in German for companies in very specific sectors such as the automotive industry and law firms, pharmaceutical companies, with dozens of companies in sectors such as hospitality, entertainment and restoration (a logical aspect by the large influx of German tourists to their cities and coasts).

We have also translated into German documents for companies in sectors in which import and export of parts and between the two countries as well as sale and manufacture of machinery are made. And as Germany is in central Europe and is one of the major economic powers of the continent, we also translate German texts in not only the Spanish language but languages ​​such as French, English, Swiss, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan, among others.

Just to make you feel at ease when using our services, a good number of our linguists are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA), the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) and the International Federation of Translators (IFT).  For your information, we do not just provide our services in Los Angeles, we also service other cities throughout the great state of California like San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Sacramento, and Oakland to name a few.

Types of translations in German

As regards to the type of translation projects in German, we do highlight in the German translation of texts of a legal nature, including confidential employment contracts, contracts of sale, secure documents and confidentiality agreements between companies etc., as well as technical manuals, product catalogs, drug brochures and German translations of web pages.

German translators and translations prices

As already mentioned, having good translations of such a complex language and addressed to a demanding public, we have managed to form a team of translators into German in Los Angeles with a very high qualification, specializing in the fields that are necessary for any translation that is requested to us.

Prices and rates that apply for German translations are highly competitive, offering the ability to customize your cost to make it consistent with the importance that the text has for your business.

Alongside the German translation services, in many cases, it will also be wise to hire us for the correction and revision of the original document to be translated to these language texts so that the translation does not contain any errors due to poor wording in the original text.

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