Deaf interpreter services in Sacramento

We are breaking boundaries in the interpreter business. We are not here just to focus on spoken words. We are not distinguishing anyone. Focus is the most important thing in our service. That is why we must expand our group all around California for deaf interpreter services.

If we talk about statistics, roughly about 1% of the US population is deaf or has some hearing problems. The need for deaf interpreting has increased in recent years.

A deaf interpreter is a specialist who gives you the possibility of interpretation, translation, and transliteration services in sign language and other visual and tactual communication forms used by the deaf, hard-of-hearing and deaf-blind individual. An experienced interpreter is able to comprehend interaction of visual language in order to give a fully served treatment.

A deaf interpreter has the ability to communicate with every type of interaction. They must have proper education and knowledge in linguistic and culture because this is a profession in need. From spoken to sign language, words cannot be translated literally. Everything must be explained with gestures and non-verbal communication, including facial expression. One gesture with different facial expression could change the meaning of the sentence.

Qualified deaf interpreters are very valuable and there are not many of them in the market. Previously, only parents of deaf children knew sign language and few linguistic specialists. Now, times have changed and that’s why this world needs ASL translators.

Our interpreters are certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and National Association of the Deaf (NAD). We have a stable connection to our service in lots of cities throughout California and now, we have opened our agency in Sacramento in order to spread our services throughout California. We already have stable work departments in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Fresno, among others.

We have a team of highly-qualified interpreters for spoken communication translation in real time for conferences and all kinds of media coverage. They possess memory and listening concentration in order to bring you every single word accurately within a millisecond. Our goal is not to charge you without providing decent and professional service that stands for our expertise.

We provide American Sign Language services with understanding and we have the best interpreters in the country. We choose our translators carefully based on a strict criterion of expertise.

Our services go from sign language certified interpretation services for recorded statements, trials, conventions, employee meetings, business meetings, courtroom proceedings and much more. We are not limited to a form of conversation but you are required to give our interpreters all kinds of information in order for you to be more satisfied.

In Sacramento, there are lots of agencies that give you this kind of service but in our agency, you will find a combination of experience, professionalism, and tradition.

If you need someone to help you for every occasion, feel free to contact us. Our services are customer friendly and the feeis reasonable for everyday service. So, before you decide which agency you will pick, look around. Maybe you’ll find us in your city.