Dallas Translation Services

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Dallas is the ninth largest city in the US with large population of Asians that include Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, and more in addition to having more than 40% of its population consisting of Hispanics and Latinos. These large chunks of migrants come to require document translation and interpretation services on a regular basis. Dallas is also a big economic hub and is home to 9 of the Fortune 500 companies which also have a big demand for such services.

Languages Unlimited has been in the document translation and interpretation business for more than two decades now serving Dallas along with offices in all the major cities of the US. Whether it is an immigration document or an employee manual, we are well equipped to provide professional translation services in more than 214 languages. In addition, Languages Unlimited also provides highly skilled and experienced interpreters for various meetings and events.

Languages Unlimited’s Affordable Translation Services

We are one of the premier translation service companies serving the Dallas area for the last twenty years. Languages Unlimited is your one stop shop for highly affordable certified document translation services with a fast turnaround for more than 200 languages that not only include every major language but also more exotic languages. Legal, medical, financial, immigration documents, product & employee manuals are just some of the fields that are covered by our linguists. Here are some of the examples of languages we cover:

  • Spanish Document Translation & Interpretation
  • Arabic Document Translation & Interpretation
  • Chinese Document Translation & Interpretation
  • Tagalog Document Translation & Interpretation
  • Vietnamese Document Translation & Interpretation
  • Sign Language Interpretation Services

Foreign Language Interpretation & ASL Services in Dallas

In addition to document translation, Languages Unlimited specializes in on-site and over-the-phone interpretation and American Sign Language services for events such as:

  • Courtroom hearing
  • Depositions
  • Seminars
  • Business meetings,

Hospital visits and more events for over 200 languages.

Our Highly Qualified Linguist

Languages Unlimited works with over 10,000 linguists across the country as well as globally. Each foreign language translator and interpreter is hand-picked for each job based on his or her expertise in the relevant field or subject matter. All of our linguist have at least 3 years of experience in translation and interpretation along with having at least a bachelor degree in translation or the language concerned. Furthermore, a lot of our linguists also hold Master or doctoral degrees enabling us to provide the best possible services to our substantial client base.

Get a Free Quote For a Linguist Now

You can fill the form on this page to request a quote for a translator. You can also submit requests at translation page and interpretation page based on the particular service required. In addition, you can also contact Languages Unlimited through phone at 1-214-396-6809.