Who Should Consider Hiring An American Sign Language Interpreter

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According to data collected by the Survey of Income and Program Protection, about 10,000,000 people in the United States are hard of hearing. A further 1,000,000 people in the country can be classified as functionally deaf. As the population of the United States continues to expand, we can expect these numbers to increase in the coming years and decades. America’s deaf and hard of hearing residents are supported by a number of charities and organizations, such as the National Association of the Deaf. These groups campaign tirelessly for greater inclusivity for the deaf in the workplace, at events, and in other areas of everyday life. As such, more and more people are hiring ASL interpreters to ensure deaf Americans can fully partake in activities others take for granted. Should you consider hiring an American Sign Language interpreter from Languages Unlimited? Read on to find out.

Who Should Consider Hiring An American Sign Languages Interpreter?

Event Organizers

Increasingly, mainstream events across the United States are making a conscious effort to cater to attendees who are hard of hearing or deaf. Comic Con, for example, has introduced CART services at select panels in almost all of its recent events. But your event doesn’t have to be the pop culture juggernaut that Comic Con is to justify hiring an ASL interpreter. Given America’s significant deaf population, any event organizer can be confident a number of hard of hearing or deaf attendees will be present at their next event. By securing the services of an ASL interpreter, you can ensure all of your guests experience your upcoming event to the fullest.

Medical Professionals

Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals can expect to encounter hard of hearing and deaf individuals on a regular basis. If you work in a hospital, the likelihood is that the hospital already retains a number of American Sign Language interpreters, meaning you won’t have to seek one out independently. If you are a general practitioner, however, the onus is on you to ensure all of your patients are as comfortable as possible during their visits. This means securing and providing sign language services when necessary.


There was a time when America’s deaf citizens were discouraged from pursuing academic matters. Many were forced to resign themselves to menial work, while others lived entirely dependent on their family. Today, however, deaf and hard of hearing students are flourishing in colleges and universities across America. Many have gone on to great success in high-pressure industries, inspiring even more deaf Americans to enter higher education. With the number of deaf students constantly increasing, places of education should seek to retain a number of ASL interpreters. Similarly, independent educators, such as tutors and music teachers, should consider initiating contact with an ASL interpreter now in case they require their services in the future.


America’s hard of hearing and deaf citizens have made significant contributions to the country and continue to do so to this day. With more hearing-impaired people chasing their dreams in higher education, business, athletics, the future is bright for the deaf in America. As such, event organizers, medical professionals, educators, and a plethora of other people should consider hiring an American Sign Language Interpreter. At Languages Unlimited, we provide skilled ASL interpreters at affordable rates. With our support, you can build a strong bond with the deaf community while ensuring your products and services are enjoyed by the largest number of people.