Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vis-à-Vis the Translation Industry

Artificial intelligence is no longer a science fiction genre. Humans are now real-life characters in their continuous development and narration. Perfecting real-time translation is a fantasy brought to life by AI’s seamless integration record with our daily routines. From social media monitoring to self-driving cars, AI is the King and Queen of mimicking the human lifestyle. Therefore, artificial intelligence (AI) vis-à-vis the translation industry is just another domain this technology has mastered.

Why AI for the Translation Industry?

AI technology makes language and document translation easy and flawless. Handling multiple language translations at the same time is just a fraction of its superpower. Since AI technology has perfected its simulation of human reasoning, the advantages it brings to the translation industry are uncountable.

Reduced Human Error

Man is to error but AI is to era. An outstanding and professional human Japanese technical translator can do a remarkable job for a translation client. However, from time to time; especially when this translator gets numerous referrals and client appointments, human flaws like fatigue will start to become a norm. It is from this moment that little translation errors might start to happen. Even if this technical translator works at a translation agency where a lot of proofreading takes place, time will be lost trying to uncover a hidden human flaw.

AI translation algorithms do not make mistakes. Their only mistake is that they did not exist sooner. Before a translation decision is made, an AI references all the possible outcomes of the provided translation data. It also uses its dictionary reference to blacklist all the possible translation flaws/errors associated with the presented translation data. AI makes all these decisions and outcomes in microseconds compared to a human translator who might need hours or even a day to be sure of the translated data.

24/7 Availability

On average, a human can stay productive for 4 to 6 hours daily. If we work past these stipulated hours, our productivity significantly reduces. We also need breaks in-between these working hours. These breaks are essential to boost or refresh ourselves for the next task. It is the same case with a car needing fuel and maintenance from time to time during a long journey for it not to break down.

AI is addicted to flawless work performance and does not take breaks like humans. It can work 24/7, 7-days-a-week, and 12-months-a-year without displaying even the slightest symptoms of fatigue. Its work performance does not change even when dealing with a technical task like German document translation. With AI, you have 24/7 availability and 100% productivity.

Digital Assistance

A single task accomplished by a digital assistance AI is equivalent to burdening and unnecessary human resources like budget and research. AI can flawlessly interact with web users and give them the needed human perception. It is a fast and accurate thinker. Therefore, a Chinese English translation of website. can give you the needed translation solution in regards to your evident queries. It is the perfect remote customer care representative. You won’t feel like it’s tired or moody.

Artificial Intelligence makes translation decisions in a fast and accurate manner. It is not flawed with emotions or custom translation traditions like humans and will only deliver the expected outcome/result.