Arabic Translators and Interpreters – Chicago

Language Unlimited has a long experience with Arabic language by providing services in the form of translators and interpreters. If you have any needs related to professional Arabic translation services in Chicago, then you have come to the right place. We provide our top class services all through the state of Illinois like Wheaton, Glenview, Rockford, and Gurnee to name a few. At, language unlimited, we offer comprehensive Arabic translation services, interpretation and linguistic advice services. We adapt to the needs of each client and the characteristics of the project in order to ensure that we provide a completely satisfactory work.

We take the quality of our work very seriously when we translate English to Arabic or translate Arabic to English. Therefore, a good number of our linguistics are certified by Arabic Translation and Intercultural Dialogue Association (ATIDA), Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association (CHICATA) and the Metroplex Interpreters and Translators Association (MITA).

To ensure that the outcome is good, while translating, the professional translator considers the context, the purpose, the target audience, the culture, and the semiotic references of the culture of origin. Although there are numerous attempts to automate it, only one person can perform this complex task. We use the best human and technical resources to guarantee a professional translation service. These computer tools, which add to the use of a word processor to perform the translation, are chosen according to the type of document to be translated. For instance, they cannot be the same for a technical translation as for advertising. They are intended to provide quality translations (no errors, terminological consistency, and layout) and to reduce the cost of the translation service. In short, we use the best human and technical resources to provide a professional translation service depending on the translation specialty involved (commercial, technical, literary, sworn, web page translation, subtitling, localization).

Delivery of works

We provide two types of delivery systems depending on the need and requirement of our customers. We have a standard delivery and an express delivery system.

Standard delivery

The standard delivery time for a translation is 2 to 4 days. This is the minimum delivery period for typical extension texts, that is, up to 5000 words (maximum 15 pages). Depending on the complexity and the number of words to be translated, we will calculate the delivery time. In any case, when we send the budget, we indicate exactly the time that we will need.

Express delivery

For translations that cannot wait, the delivery time is approximately 24 hours. Contact us and we will inform you at the time of our availability of time depending on the volume and complexity of the text. This type of service has between 15% and 25% surcharge.

No matter what kind of professional Arabic translation services you are looking for, you can be assured to get a guaranteed good quality services from us. Please fill out the Contact Us if you should need our services, or call us directly.