American Sign Language Services in Seattle, Washington

If you are looking for an ASL translator in Seattle, Washington, whether you are deaf or hard of hearing, or you are a business and would like to have a service available to have someone come out if someone comes in needing to speak American Sign Language, Languages Unlimited can help you. They offer interpreter for the deaf services for both individuals as well as businesses no matter what kind of business you have, how long you need the service or when the services are required. Their services are provided not only in Seattle, but also in Spokane, Tacoma, Bellevue, Olympia, and Everett to name a few cities.

Languages Unlimited will only send out a certified deaf interpreter to your location for your needs, so you know you are going to get fast, reliable service. Their sign language services will not only be objective and discreet, but also be done with a smile, and make all parties feel happy with the way business was conducted. This is the case no matter where or when the translating services took place.

Medical sign language interpreting is especially important because the translating can be taking place under duress, which means the translators need to be able to keep calm under pressure and still relay information appropriately to nurses and doctors so they can treat the hard of hearing or deaf patient. If it is part of or one of the patient’s family that is hard of hearing or deaf and needs translating services, they may have to relay bad news as the doctors or nurses who would normally do this would be unable to as they don’t know how. In this instance, the ASL translator would be relied upon to keep calm and keep the family calm while relaying this bad news, oftentimes being the one they turn to for comfort when they hear it.

It’s very important that Languages Unlimited hire only certified interpreters because then they know that their interpreters are trained to deal with high intensity situations like those that involve medical or legal problems. Most of the professionals working at Languages Unlimited are certified by both the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) and Registration of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). You know you will get these highly trained interpreters every time you call Languages Unlimited so be sure to always have their number on hand when you may need them whether it is a scheduled thing or it is something that comes up suddenly (they can handle both).

Even if you are an individual and you’d like to have your own interpreter come with you to appointments or be with you to interpret for you while you are running errands to make things easier for you, Languages Unlimited can help with that as well. You can request that you have the same or someone from the same group of translators that you know well come to help you so that you can always know who will be there to help you.

Languages Unlimited will always be there to make sure you get the help you need with your American Sign Language translation needs whether you are a business or an individual. Medical practices or hospitals, legal practices or court rooms, businesses (small or large), and yes, individuals, can all be helped by Languages Unlimited.