Amazing Facts About Translation

A language holds the history of an entire culture in its heart. Translation is the way that leads you to that heart of a culture.Translation not only helps you understand a language but, it also helps you to understand the socio-cultural context of a country. Here are a few facts about translation services that are going to amaze you:

1. Do you know that the International translation day is celebrated on 30th September every year? This day is celebrated to acknowledge the work of the translators who made it possible to bring the world closer.

2. The first major work that was translated in the Classical world (300-200 B.C.E) was the Septuagint. This was a translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek (Koine). The word Septuagint means seventy. It is believed that seventy translators worked relentlessly to translate the book.

3. Theologian and historian Jerome is considered the patron of the translators. In 4th century, he translated the Holy Bible into the Latin language. His translated version is known as The Vulgate and was the official Catholic Bible during the 16th century.
4.Contemporaries of Jerome also tried to translate Holy Bible and that is why, in 1412, the Oxford Council banned anyone to translate the holy scripture. The low quality translations posed a threat to the meaning of the original text.

5. The word “Translate” originated from a Latin word “Translat” which means to carry from one place to another.

6. The most translated book in this world is the Holy Bible. It was originally written in Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew.Do you know what is the second most translated book? It’s Pinocchio.

7. The original Russian and French text of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace contains almost 460,000 words. On the other hand, it’s English translation contains 560,000 words.

8. Languages such as English, German, French, Russian and Italian are the major languages to be translated into other.

9. During the first decade of the 21st century, 78% of the total translated books were translated into French or German.

10. The punctuation marks in Arabic and English are almost same, even though both the languages have different roots.

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