Translate your Website into Chinese and Get more Business from China


In a world interconnected at all levels where learning activities, political engagements, commerce and social interactions are technology driven, the ability to communicate in many languages is essential. Translating your website is one way of going multilingual.

Website Translation

The easiest means of gaining international reach is through website translation. For instance, China’s economy is now the second largest in the world, and many businesses are now competing to get part of the lucrative commercial interests in that populous market. Unfortunately, not many people can speak and understand Mandarin, the official Chinese language.

Inability to communicate with the Chinese is a serious impediment to trading with them. And if you are a webmaster, such a failure means you cannot penetrate their market.

On the surface, having your website translated into any language comes with many benefits such as:

  • Improving your search result rankings and attracting heavier web traffic
  • Giving your business a competitive edge over your competitors.
  • Boosting the confidence of the consumers in your products
  • Enlarging your revenue base and increasing your income.

But having a Chinese translation of your website will guarantee your business entry and penetration into the single largest economy in the world.

Mandarin Translation

Our desire to help you make headways into China begins with providing you with an excellent and highly competent Mandarin translator.

As part of its strategy to dominate world affairs, China is positioning Mandarin as an international language. It is just a matter of time before a wider audience begins to respond to websites in Mandarin.

Our agency specializes in designating content for local consumption because many buyers prefer to purchase product and services in their local language regardless of the cost. We cannot underestimate the value of giving information in any language preferred by a specific market segment.

English Chinese Translation

One such specific market which is gaining a lot of ground on the world economic stage is China. The quickest way you can strengthen your brand reach into the Chinese market is to hire the services of a skilled English Chinese Translator.

You don’t need to look far or search hard. We have you in mind at Languages Unlimited. You should consider that some regional regulations make it compulsory to offer services and products in their local language. And China is no exception to this rule.

More than any other consideration, website translation is a cost-effective means of globally growing your business. You will eliminate things such as travel and accommodation expenses from your budget items.

Customized User Experience

A translated website will provide all your website visitors with a customized user experience. It is the best method of deeply connecting with them emotionally. Repeated visits by people who find your website friendly will be amazing for SEO. Hopefully, this will speed up your conversion rate.

Do not be fooled because even in countries where proficiency in the English language is over 70%, majority of the shoppers online still prefer content in their mother tongue. The prevailing wisdom in internet marketing is not to impose your chosen language on new customers you wish to attract.