Top Three Reasons to Learn Russian

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With a population in excess of 144 million people, Russia is one of the most populous countries in the world. The nation’s 144 million inhabitants speak its national language, which is, of course, Russian. But despite its many millions of native speakers, Russian is rarely chosen by language students. This is largely owing to the fact that Russian has long been viewed as useless in the Western world. Students generally gravitate instead towards more seemingly “applicable” languages, such as French, German, and Spanish. However, if you’re hoping to add another string to your linguistics bow, we strongly encourage you to consider pursuing Russian lessons. Read on to find out what you have to gain by mastering the tongue of Mother Russia.

Experience Russian Culture

Russia has one of the most unique cultures of any country in the world. The nation’s architecture, literature, and films are distinctly Russian and simply cannot be mimicked by other countries (not for lack of trying). While it is possible to track down translations of classic Russian novels and dubbed versions of classic Russian films, they cannot compete with the real thing. One can only truly experience Russian culture by learning the language. Paradoxically – though not negatively – Russian films and novels can help students learn Russian fast. As well as being a justifiable end goal for any Russian student, they can also complement lessons. This is particularly true in the case of Russian films, which will help students to learn the Russian accent.

Affordable Lessons With Dedicated Teachers

While enthusiasts of the Russian language are understandably frustrated by the lack of people trying to learn the language in the West, this lack of demand for Russian lessons does have its advantages. For example, it means Russian lessons are markedly more affordable than Spanish or French lessons. Additionally, because group Russian classes often attract only a small number of students, teachers are able to devote more time to one-on-one interactions. This will allow you to work directly with your teacher to tackle aspects of the language which you as an individual find difficult, even in a group setting.

It’s Easier Than Ever Before

There was a time when learning Russian in the Western world was a challenge. In-person lessons were immensely difficult to come by, especially if you lived outside of a city. This meant many people who wished to develop a proficiency in the language had no choice but to attempt to learn from a book, where it is impossible to learn the Russian accent. Thankfully, things have changed for the better. Today, one can find a Russian tutor almost anywhere in the Western world. If they can’t – or if they do not have the time to dedicate to in-person lessons – they have the option of turning to the internet. There are copious apps and websites intended to help busy students learn Russian online. Some of these focus solely on flashcards and games to teach the basics of the language. Others, however, provide a more in-depth learning experience by hooking students up with native Russian speakers via text and video conferencing. With so many on-demand learning tools at your disposal, not even your hectic work schedule can prevent you from mastering the Russian language,