Top Three Reasons To Learn French

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Top Three Reasons To Learn French

French is one of the most popular languages in the world. Millions, if not billions, of people the world over have long harbored aspirations of learning the language. It is a regular on bucket lists and new year’s resolutions. Of course, most people who promise themselves they will learn to speak French never get around to doing so. With the right motivation, however, anybody can learn French. In this article, we’re going to be examining the top three reasons you should learn the centuries-old language.


Are you sick of the outlandish storylines, constant explosions, and overacting of American movies? If so, you should definitely take some time to check out French cinema. The French are famous for their movies, with classics such as Amélie and Le Dîner de Cons transcending languages and becoming beloved by audiences all over the world. However, if you truly wish to experience French cinema, you must watch it without subtitles and overdubbing. The same can be said of classic French television, theater, and literature. With a basic understanding of the language, you should have little trouble following along the next time you watch a French film. Additionally, watching French films is a great way to develop your proficiency in the language, so you’ll never have to worry about falling out of practice.

Easier Than Ever Before

A few decades ago, those who wanted to learn French were faced with a difficult time finding lessons. French teachers were not plentiful outside of major cities. While many “how to learn French” books existed, they provided little help with pronunciation, which rendered them virtually useless. Today, however, this is not the case. In the modern world, learning French is easier than ever before. French teachers operate in nearly every town and city in the Western world, while apps and websites exist to help Francophiles master every aspect of the language. Once you feel confident in your French abilities, you can seek out French-speaking clubs in your region. Most cities and towns have groups of non-native French speakers who meet regularly to further develop their skills. A quick internet search should turn up at least one near you. It is important to remember, however, that these clubs are generally geared towards those who have some understanding of French already.

Travel Opportunities

When you learn to speak French, you increase your travel opportunities tenfold. Obviously, you will be able to travel to virtually anywhere in France without fear of encountering the infamous disdain many native French people hold towards tourists and those who do not speak the language. However, there are also many regions across the world in which French is spoken primarily. Belgium, Luxembourg, and Monaco all speak French, as do Switzerland, Madagascar, and even Haiti. It is also worth noting that French is quite similar to other languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, and some strains of colloquial Arabic. Master French and you will have a markedly easier time should you decide to learn these languages in the future.