Top 3 reasons to learn a new language in this world today

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Although many people balk at the prospect of learning a new language, in today’s interconnected world everyone should have more than a dozen reasons to do so. And hey, before we show you why, did you know that Chinese and Spanish are presently the two most popular languages? Of course, after English and French!
What’s more, to learn Spanish online all you would need is a computer and internet connection and VIOLA! You’ll soon be rattling off fluently in Spanish just like a native. And with China being the second-largest economy in the world, would you not want to be part of the coming job market opportunities in that part of the world even if it means you have to learn Chinese online?
Let’s find out why it is important to have these additional languages in your linguistic tool kit.
It is undeniable that every person wishing to master another language has very personal reasons for taking the trouble. However, the motives below apply universally across the board.

Enhanced learning and career opportunities: Without exceptions, nearly all the countries in the world now face employment challenges. And to stand a better chance of securing your dream career, the ability to speak two or more foreign languages will immensely boost your opportunities.
Not to mention that many international organizations and business presently outsource their work. Your ability to speak the preferred language of the organization can land you a lucrative job anywhere in the world. You know about working remotely, don’t you?
Even in a domestic setting, the appearance of the mastery of more than one language in your resume will mark you out among many job applicants. Aren’t all industries fighting to expand their brand voice internationally? Why not learn Spanish fast by taking advantage of our online tutoring so that you can join the league of expatriates?

Being streetwise if you are a tourist will need fluency in a popular foreign language other than your native tongue. When on visits abroad many tourists miss out on lots of fun because they do not comprehend the commonly used lingo wherever they go. This detracts from the holiday excitement they are supposed to enjoy.
Your fun can also be limited if you become a target of harassment by the local people who might be posing as guides. Sometimes you may end being the victim of cheating and over pricing. But if you understand their language, you will smoothly find you way about. What a dampening experience it is to be shooed about like sheep or spoken to in gestures you cannot interpret!

Breaking the cultural and language barriers is a smart way of making new friends. You will not do that if you are unable to learn another language. But equipped with an extra language, you can easily make fulfilling cross-cultural connections and friendships with people from all over the world. Are you still hesitant to take the plunge into another language?
It is distressing not to take part in satisfying multilingual activities…not being able to join conversations just because you are monolinguistic.