Skills of a Translator

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“Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.” Anthony Burgess

True! Gone are the days when bilingualism was the only criteria for becoming a good translator. There are a number of other skills that you have to master for becoming a seasoned translator. Here are a few MUST-have skills for a translator:

1. Research skills

A translator not just works on the language; rather, he/she has to understand the concepts explained in that document. The knowledge of source texts, local culture, and the target audience helps him/her understand the context of the document better.

2. Detail Oriented

Translators have eye for every detail. When reading a document, they read every single word. Even a small punctuation mistakes can change the meaning of the entire text.

3. Flexibility

Translators have a flexible attitude towards work. At times they might handle multiple projects with different requirements. An open mind and flexible attitude helps them to organize their work properly.

4. Specialization in Several Subject Areas

Having a specialization of course helps a translator to establish a market value. However, this narrows down his/her target group. Good translators venture outside their field of work and expand their market by gaining expertise in various subject area.

5. Good Customer Service

Good customer service and marketing skills are essential for translators. They generally work individual or with an agency. In both case, good customer service results in client satisfaction. It also ensures customer retention.

6. Writing Skills

Since translators are writers, good writing skills are important for a translator. Practicing creative writing, blogging and writing in journals help them get accustomed to various types of creative writing.

7. General Knowledge

This helps a translator to identify mistakes, both factual and language, from the text. If you are a translator working with news agency, a strong general knowledge is imperative.

8. Curiosity

Curiosity is what it takes to acquire new skills and learn new things. As a translator, you might come across unfamiliar words or subjects. Pursue them. Find the meaning behind them. This is the only way to get to the heart of your work.

Good translators passionately strive to learn new skills. These eight pointers will help you identify the skills required for expanding your potential further. If you are looking for language translating and interpreting services, get in touch with us. Our certified language translators in USA will provide you with impeccable service. Give us a call at +1-800-864-0372.[:bn]