Section 508 Compliance

Does your business need translation services? If yes, then this is the time to employ an in-house interpreter or a professional language expert. It’s the time to hire a language translation service thatcanoffer you perfect and fast data translation. It’s the time to hire us! Yes! Our expert services of language translation can letyouobtainthe tools needed for efficientlyinteracting with your target audience. What? Did you say why should you hire us? Well, good question indeed! I know that all profession translation services out there entitle toown the knack to blow life into words. So, what is that one special thing that separates us from others? Don’t worry! I won’t recap that same old colloquial speech – we’ve got the experience, hard work, training, and blah-blah!!! So, what if I tell you that now, we make our translated documents accessible to the disabled people and make it section 508 compliant?

Section 508 compliance, what’s that?

Are you aware of Section 508? No? Not a problem! Let me explain it to you! According to the Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, federal organizationshaveto make their information and electronic technology accessible to persons with infirmities. Even though, it’s justneeded for Federal agencies, Section 508 accessibility must be critical to all industriesasinaccessibleinfodeters the ability to obtain and use technology fast and effortlessly. Confused? Let me make it simple! You see, every company that desires to offer IT, web designing, software or anyother digital services to the federal administrationmust be cognizant of Section 508. Why? Because Section 508 ispromulgatedto help achieve three goals:

  • To terminatehitches in information technology
  • To present new choices for persons with disabilities
  • To strengthenthe growth of technologies
508 compliance

What are we trying to bring about, with Section 508 compliance, anyway?

Do you know that industries not contracted by the federal government aren’t susceptible to compliance lawsuits? Then, why are we complying with Section 508 accessibility? Here, the principle of the subject is to value persons with disabilities. Do you know that, according to a comprehensive report conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, about 56.7 million people — 19 percent of the U.S. population — were reported with a disability in 2010.

We at Languages Unlimited understand that Section 508 compliance is critical to the prosperity of individuals with incapacities. After all, breathing in a world that isn’t made for them is challenging! Right? By abiding by Section 508, we can make gaining access to daily resources a little bit easier for them. Hence, this little step is a way for us to address access for persons with bodily, sensory, or intellectual disabilities. To cut the whole story short, we do not just comply with Section 508 as it may perhaps be needed; we comply as it’s the evident, right thing to do. Too good to be true! Doesn’t it?

Get set to achieve consistent translations that comply with Section 508!

In order to not lose the vision of perspective and conception, we offer error-free document translation that is Section 508 compliant. By making our translated documents Section 508 compliant, we offer you a way to collapse the blockades and deliver new prospects for all users –by the same token. Following all Section 508 standards, we guarantee the original connotation of the document with the style and words most pertinent to the proposed translation.

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