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Over-the Phone Interpreting services –
When the Disney Land Park and the Angel Stadium of Anaheim communicate with their non-English speaking customers by phone, they make use of our Over-the-phone (OPI) interpreters. The OPI service at Languages Unlimited is a very efficient one. There is no need for interpreters to be scheduled because they are always available every hour of the day, 365 days out of the year. When tourists arrive in Anaheim and they want to go to Disney Land for a day or attend a ball game at the Angel Stadium, they usually call ahead of time to get more information about the places they are about to visit. Well due to their limited proficiency in English, an interpreter is usually required to facilitate the conversation. This is where the OPI service at LU comes in.

Deaf Interpreter Services –
The Anaheim Elementary School District and the Anaheim High School District are frequent users of ASL interpreters. The Adelaide Price Elementary School and the Canyon High School (to name a few) have seen a steep increase of their deaf and hard of hearing student populations over the recent years. These students by law must receive the assistance of qualified and certified sign language interpreters to assist them with their school related activities. Languages Unlimited is one of the leading providers of interpreters for the deaf in the State of California. We provide these professionals not just in the schools but also in the courts, law offices, hospitals, at the workplace etc. Please contact us to find out more.

Simultaneous Interpreter Services –
The Anaheim Convention Center hosts large gatherings involving companies all over the world. Multi-national companies have employees and customers all over the world. During periods of conventions, the halls of the Anaheim Convention Center is filled with people from all over the world. Many of these people do not speak or understand English. For that reason, Simultaneous Interpreters are needed to interpret for them during the meetings. French interpreters and Chinese interpreters, to name a few, are often seen performing during some of theses conventions. Interpreting equipment is usually required so that the work can be performed. Interpreter control unit, headsets, microphones, large walk-in and table top booths constitute some of the equipment used at these meetings.

Interpreters for Court and Medical appointments –
The Superior Courthouse, Justice Center in Westminster has seen its share of interpreters over the years. Whenever a court proceeding is scheduled and a person with limited English proficiency is identified to be part of the proceeding, a court interpreter must be scheduled. Whether it be a Vietnamese, an Arabic, or a Spanish interpreter, one is required nonetheless. Same situation when you have a deposition at an attorney’s office. The Law Office of David C. Stone on S. Harbor Blvd. has been the recipient of a few of our interpreters over the recent years. Medical appointments are no different. The Anaheim Memorial Medical Center on W. La Palma Ave. reserves translators and interpreters with medical background on a regular basis.

For more information regarding any of the above services, please contact us.