Language Translation Services in West Palm Beach, Florida

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In West Palm Beach, the St. Mary’s Medical Center on 45th street relies on Languages Unlimited for their translation and interpreting needs. Video remote interpreting is often used by the hospital for their hard of hearing patients as well as patients with limited English proficiency when an interpreter cannot be present on-site. Experienced ASL and foreign language interpreters are available at a moment’s notice to assist doctors and hospital staff to communicate with their patients in time of needs. At times, especially in the case of foreign language interpreting needs, our OTP (over-the-phone) interpreting service is used. Instead of appearing on Video, interpreters provide the service via telephone. Languages like Spanish, Haitian Creole, Arabic, and Vietnamese are among the most requested languages. This service which is used on a regular basis by many organizations across the United States is also used not just by the St. Mary’s Medical Center but also by other hospitals like the Good Samaritan Medical Center on N Flagler Drive and the Kindred Hospital on W Blue Heron Blvd.

The Palm Beach County Convention Center on Okeechobee Blvd welcomes many companies and business people from the United States and across the globe daily. The need for simultaneous interpreters during these events is a forgone conclusion as the messages delivered on the convention floors and meeting rooms must be understood by all attendants. To accomplish that goal, these interpreters arrive on the job site accompanied with interpreting equipment like headsets, microphones and booths, along with technicians to set them up and monitor them. These technicians are also responsible for the dismantling of the equipment. Languages Unlimited has been at the forefront making sure that the Palm Beach Convention Center and other convention venues like the West Palm Beach Christian Convention Center on Palm Beach Lakes Blvd have a good supply of experienced and SME interpreters on a regular basis.

The School District of Palm Beach County has a major responsibility in assuring that all its schools provide the proper support for their students regarding their communication needs. As with many other school districts across Florida, the need for ASL and foreign language interpreters for that matter is a major concern, and Palm Beach County is no different. The Wynnebrook Elementary School on Drexel Rd is a regular user of interpreter for the deaf for its hard of hearing and deaf students. The Hope-Centennial Elementary School on Stacy St is also in the same predicament with some of it’s students who must be assisted with their communication needs daily. Languages Unlimited is dedicated in its effort to be a leading provider of language services in West Palm Beach.

College and University students who arrive in West Palm Beach from other countries usually have requirements that are somewhat different from the needs of native Floridian students. The admission process for them is a bit different primarily because they bring with them foreign documents which must be translated prior to being admitted. The Palm Beach Atlantic University on S Flagler Dr, the Southeastern College on N Congress Ave and the Palm Beach State College on Fern Street, some of their foreign students have been helped by LU at one point or another with their translation needs.