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Hmong language is a mix of various dialects in China. It is spoken primarily amongst Hmong people who live in the mountain areas of countries like China, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. But it also has many speakers around the world thanks to the open immigration. But it is often difficult to find a perfect translation services for this language since it is not a very common language. Languages Unlimited offers high-quality, professional Hmong translation services in Los Angeles. These services are offered in cities all through California including Humboldt, San Pedro, Fountain Valley, Irwindale and Columbia to name a few.

We specialize in providing high-quality Hmong translations for our clients to translate documents from Hmong to English. Our Hmong translators are native speakers as well as others who have vast experience in the industry. Our linguists are certified by the most renowned agencies likeInternationalAssociation of Professional Translators and Interpreters (IAPTI), Canadian Association of Legal Translators, and the Australian Association for Literary Translation (AALITRA). Therefore, if you need assistance totranslate fromHmong to English, you can totally reach out to us.

Through our online ordering service, we send our clients certified and notarized translations by email and postal mail to the entire country. You don’t have to personally come to our office to get the translation done; you can just reach us via email or a phone call. The process is quite simple:

How to apply

1. Submit Document: In order for us to understand your needs, we need to see the documents so you must submit the required document to us via email.

2. Get a quote: Once we receive the document, we assess the time and resources required to translate the document and accordingly we generate a quote and send it across to you. This usually takes about 1 working day (or less) depending on the size of the document.

3. Place an order: Once you receive the quote from us, you can place the order with us. We usually give you a time estimate for finishing the translation. We also take urgent orders with some extra amount.

4. Receive translation: After this, you receive the document after our expert translators have finished your work.

Translation Process

We follow a standard process to provide professional Hmong translation services. This is done to ensure good quality translation.

1. Document review: Once we receive the document for translation from your end, our team reviews it and assigns it to the right person to translate it. Various factors like the educational and cultural background as well as work experience are kept in mind before assigning the work.

2. Translation, correction, editing: This is followed by an actual translation by our linguistics. We usually assign more than one expert to a project to ensure that the document is edited as the translation takes place. We also make sure that it is proofread enough times so that there is no scope for error.

We provide a very fast and exceptionally good service to our clients. To try our service, please make contact with us by filling out the form at the margin of the page.