Competitive Rates

Important note about our rates:

The rates below reflect what we would normally charge a typical “one-time” client who requests our services. If your intent is to establish an ongoing relationship with our company for language services, please let us know so that we can put together a pricing schedule that would be mutually beneficial to our respective companies.
Languages Unlimited Price List

On-site Interpretation Rates

Professional freelance Interpreters set their own rates based on the type of service offered and

location. Interpreters have minimum charges, which vary depending on the language and the type

of interpretation. Rates are usually higher for the more specialized conference and simultaneous interpreting.Reimbursement of travel, parking, and other expenses is often expected.We offer full & half-day rates at discounted prices.

Rates may exceed suggested amounts depending on technicality of language and availability of

interpreters for that language.

General Legal Services:

Medical, Workers Compensation, Immigration Hearings, Depositions, Recorded Statements, Mediation,

Trials, etc.

Initial fee first two (2) hours:

USD$295.00 and up for Common Languages

USD$350.00 and up for Exotic Languages

Additional Hour: USD100.00 and up

Simultaneous /Voice Over/Certified

Military and Defense conferences, trade shows, academic events, escorts, etc.

Initial fee first two (2) hours:

USD$375.00 and up for Common Languages

USD$395.00 and up for Exotic Languages

Additional Hour: USD$125.00 and up

Please contact us for Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment fees and logistics

Travel Fees:

Mileage Fees (current government rate):

USD$0.55 (55 cents) per mile

Travel Time (1 hour):

USD$50.00 & up per hour

Last Minute Requests (same day):

Additional Fee: USD$50.00 and up

Telephonic Interpretation Rates:

$2.25 per minute and up (Please call or email us for details)

Please be advised that all rates are calculated per interpreter and will be calculated in 15 minute


Document Translation Rates

Text length and complexity are the determining factors for translation charges. Professional Freelance

Translators usually charge by the word, line, page, or total text. Services such as extensive formatting,

desktop publishing, or editing may incur additional charges.

We will provide free quotes.

Employee Manuals, Training Manuals,

Magazines, Brochures, Newspapers, etc:

From 12 cents ($0.12) to 30 cents ($0.30) per word,

depending on language and technicality

Contracts, Machine Tools, Engineering / Electronic,

Highly Technical Documents,

From $15 cents ($0.15) to 35 cents ($0.35) per word,

depending on language and technicality

Birth, Death, & Marriage Certificates, High School, College Transcripts & Diplomas,

Divorce Decrees and other Legal Documents:

From $50 to $90 per page depending on language and technicality

All Translations are certified and notarized

Transcription Rates:

Please call or email us for prices.

Evaluation Rates:

USD$135.00 and up document by document

USD$350.00 and up course by course

We accept all major credit cards, over-night checks, Paypal, Electronic Check, and wire transfer

Points of Contact

Tel.: 1-800-864-0372

Direct: 1-407-292-3911

Fax: 1-800-530-9532

[email protected]