Can Hiring the Right Interpreter Make You a Better Lawyer?

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All proceedings in a courtroom rely on clear, accurate and efficient communication. And if you are a lawyer with a practice in an area with diverse neighborhoods with different ethnic groups, you will need to engage interpretation services to help you communicate effectively with your clients who might be Hispanic, Chinese, and Spanish etc.
So, yes, hiring the right interpreter will definitely make you a better lawyer if you have to deal with clients of diverse ethnicities. Maintaining an efficient line of communication is crucial for handling any proceeding competently.

And so long as the interpreter you are hiring conforms to the ethical obligations expected of a lawyer, you are better off using a translation service than relying on your linguistic skills. In this situation your role is at best supervisory to ensure strict compliance.

Using an interpreter is a safeguard against the risk that you might lose a case due to miscommunication. It will make your representation go above the ordinary legal aptitudes by enabling you to capture all the nuances, structures, semantics and concepts of a different language; and to convey your case eloquently, competently and accurately across the linguistic barrier.

Court Certified interpreter

You will require the special skills of a certified courtroom interpreter to facilitate clear and unambiguous transmission of information. That will make all parties involved in the litigation to easily follow the proceedings despite the language they do not understand.

And since the outcome of a case depends on the accuracy and quality of the interpretation, the interpreters we use in courts are highly skilled in special areas of the law. Their understanding of all legal and court jargon is advanced beyond doubts.

Relying on non-experts with no certified qualifications can lead to misunderstandings or generate conflicts that can determine the outcome of a case negatively. At languages unlimited we maintain a strict process of quality control to ensure you get the highest quality of interpretation.

Spanish Interpreter for Court

Due to widespread use of the Spanish language in conducting businesses, conferences and social interactions in the US, our agency provides interpreters for court proceedings as well. By competently breaking the language barriers between Spanish and English, we facilitate meaningful court communication through concise and fast information processing. Our interpreters are skilled at conveying all culturally sensitive nuances of the Spanish language.

ASL Interpreter for Legal Depositions

The assignments of interpreting court depositions are a technical area that requires maximum proficiency especially when translating for the deaf. Being a highly sensitive discovery process during or before a trial, we take extreme measures to ensure there is no failed communication during this stage of the trial.

That is why we always provide a team of highly qualified legal interpreters equipped with specific skill sets to ensure the rights of the deaf clients are not in any way compromised. We comply with every ethical standard set by RID (Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf) in maintaining client confidentiality and interpreting accurately in all settings.

At languages Unlimited we provide a team of nationally certified and legally competent interpreters who can meet all your peculiar interpretation needs.