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When you transfer spoken language into paper it is called transcription. We accept your multi-language recordings on audio tapes, mini cassettes, DVDs, video tapes and in electronic files. Our transcribers will then change them into written form. To put briefly, transcription and translation make sure that our eligible transcribers watch or listen to your recording and note down the speech in the same language which is spoken. The next step is for our eligible translators to translate the transcribed text into any language that you desire.

Legal translation is one of the most frequently asked for translation and transcription services. A person may have been interviewed in their mother tongue but the court wants that to be in some other language. Then again, it’s becoming usual for translation and transcription to be needed for radio interviews and video clips too.

Languages Unlimited also caters to extra multi-language media services that include subtitling and voiceovers. Do you require a Chinese talented voice for an advertisement? Or do you want a corporate training video recording subtitled or dubbed in Bengali? Our media services in multilingual forms will take you to the audience that you need to address.
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The use of right words and syntax is very crucial for any sustained effort in any sales and marketing project. Making sure that the exact import of the document is preserved is important for legal and business papers. The core of any dealing is communication. Take care to convey the correct message which can be rendered wrong due to error in translation. Be confident that what you want to say is properly conveyed.

The people at Languages Unlimited are experts in languages. We can effortlessly translate CDs and audio tapes from any of the over 215 languages and dialects that are at our disposal into English and also from English into any of those languages. Preservation of the context as well as the meaning of your text is of prime consideration for us. Our interpreters are spread all over the world and our rates are extremely competitive. Insurance companies, government bodies, financial institutions, legal firms, and hospitals top our client list.

Besides, we guarantee 100 percent satisfaction so there is no risk involved too. Be enlightened to our unequal services at Languages Unlimited and see for yourself the differences we can make in your communication strategies.

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