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Can you imagine the world without sound? You see them moving their lips, talking and laughing and you have no idea what is going on around you? It is disheartening to not being able to understand or be understood. Being deaf or dumb doesn’t make a person stupid they just need a voice and be heard of. Languages Unlimited is providing the voice for the unheard. ASL Translator Services is one of the remarkable services offered by the company, which has gained its spotlight in the international community.

Sign language is in practice throughout the history, earliest records dates back to fifth century BC. It started as a way of common communication platform between people with different native languages or different ethnicities and now it has become a medium to communicate with the deaf people in general. Sign language is rapidly spread throughout the Europe and the United States around the 18th century and early 19th centuries. The sign language is introduced to the children in their schools for special needs.

Sign language is rich and as complex as any other language with various sub-dialects. American Sign Language (ASL) is most widely used sign language around the North American continent. Languages Unlimited provides deaf interpreter services across the globe. The American Sign Language services are the outstanding deaf translator services provided by the company. Our ASL Translator Services are available in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, and Fresno. Recently the services target to reach its true potent in San Jose, California.

San Jose is in the heart of the Silicon Valley and is the hub of various technological advancements. A physical disability should never be a hindrance to achieving the goals. And hence the demand for the ASL Translators has increased in San Jose. Our Company provides Versatile and dedicated translators who can sign efficiently with the deaf. We provide deaf interpreter services for Courtroom Proceedings, Immigration meeting, Conventions, Conferences etc.

Sign Language is not just a means of communication but an insight to connect to a whole different world of the deaf. Hence should proceed with utmost care and finesse. Our company is proud to announce that our ASL translators are certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and National Association of the Deaf (NAD). They are not only qualified professionals but are compassionate souls who genuinely love to assist the deaf and hard hearing people.

It is nice to be important but it is also important to be heard and understood. The world of the deaf is often misunderstood and unheard. Our ASL Interpreters helps in removing the stigma against the deaf people by being their voice. We charge nominal fees. We help students, immigrants on their meetings, hearings etc. Our clienteleconsists of various small and large firms, individuals, public and private companies across the world.

“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see and voiceless can speak – Mark Twain”