ASL Interpreter in San Francisco

American Sign Language or ASL is the predominant sign language which is used among the deaf communities in the United States. Apart from US it is used in most of Anglophone Canada. This language is complex and involves hand movements combined with facial expressions and body posture. Although the exact origin of ASL is debated it is assumed that it started over 200 years ago by intermixing local sign languages with the French Sign Language (LSF). The modern ASL has melded over the years and transformed into a whole, rich and complex language. It still consists of some elements of LSF and along with the original local sign languages. It is totally different from English and has all the basic features of a language. It has its special rules for pronunciation, word order and grammar.

Parents who have a deaf or hard-of-hearing child should introduce to him/her to ASL as early as possible. As the research suggests, the first few years of life are most significant to the development of a child’s communication skills. So the earlier a child is exposed to and starts to learn the language, the better the child’s communication ability will get.

The need for ASL interpreters

Over the last few years the demand for ASL interpreters has rapidly increased. Fortunately, US acknowledge its many deaf citizens and ASL interpreters are seen more in community and public events. They help in bridging the gap between spoken and sign language. With their help the deaf and hard-of-hearing people do not feel left out and can actively participate in interactions with others.

As per surveys 9 out of 10 deaf children are born to parents who can hear. So, parents are always looking out for skillful ASL interpreters who can sign properly and read others’ signing very well. It is necessary for them to have a good interpreter to communicate and emotionally bond with their child. Not only that a deaf interpreter is needed in education sector, in the community and for the provision for VRS and NRI services. To help the deaf community to get access to the medical services easily, a highly trained medical sign language interpreter is also sought after in hospitals. Deaf and hard-of-hearing people deserve to have a well-qualified ASL interpreter, who can interpret flawlessly, effectively and objectively to communicate with other people.

Languages Unlimited is a leading organization which offers sign language translation services in the United States. This organization has many outstanding sign language interpreters who are very qualified and well experienced. They work compassionately and in a very patient manner with the deaf or hard-of-hearing people. The ASL interpreters of this organization are certified by both the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and National Association of the Deaf (NAD). It provides interpretation services for courtroom proceedings, depositions, recorded statements, trials, immigration meeting, conventions, employee meetings, business meetings, conferences, simultaneous interpretation and many more. For getting the most efficient sign language services in San Francisco, one should contact Languages Unlimited.