ASL Interpreter in Chicago, Illinois

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American Sign Language

ASL Interpreters in Chicago, Illinois facilitates effective communication between people who are hearing and deaf individuals. The task is not as straightforward as many would think and it has its complexities like any other language. One thing you need to understand is that ASL is a language on its own. The language has the same words and grammatical structure as English. An ASL interpreter should have a high level of fluency in the languages involved, broad-based world knowledge and ability to focus keenly on what is been said. Languages Unlimited interpreters are committed to facilitating high quality communication between hearing and deaf consumers.

Role of ASL Interpreters in Chicago

                                                                                                                                                                                Deaf people in Chicago have equal rights and equal access to communication like any other person. To provide equal access to communication, ASL interpreters should always be available and alert to interpret everything heard or said. An interpreter should not perform any other task or duty that will interfere with their role to offer equal access to communication.

Deaf interpreters from Language Unlimited ensure that they play their role with professionalism. There are several factors that may need one to have a team of interpreters in Chicago. A team of interpreters may be needed when it is impossible for one individual to interpret without getting fatigued physically or mentally or interpreting without errors. Some of the instances one may need a team of interpreters is when:

  • There are unique needs or a preferred mode of communication for an individual. Tactile interpreting requires a team since it is quite intensive irrespective of the length of time or topic. One good example is when interpreting for a person whose language proficiency is weak.
  • The assignment is lengthy or complex. It is a rule to have a team for a class that goes beyond one hour. It will, however, depend on the structure and content of the class.


Why Choose Languages Unlimited ASL Interpreter Services

Languages Unlimited has been in offering interpretation services for more than twenty years. Our translation and interpretation team have a deep understanding of the organizations, businesses, and community of Chicago. We have legal and medical interpreters at your service. Below are just some reasons as to why you should choose us for any translation service:

    • 1. Attitude

We have given customer service our top priority in this profession. Out team of interpreters strive to ensure that clients are served with professionalism and satisfied.

    • 2. Punctuality

We understand that our clients pay for their time, and they expect us to be punctual. Our interpreters are always available, and they will be there exactly when you need them.

    • 3. Professionalism

Our ASL interpreters always provide their services with professionalism. They take time to prepare for any assigned work or project so as to provide quality ASL to English interpretation services.

    • 4. Teamwork

Our staffs work closely with the deaf, hearing persons and other interpreters to ensure effective communication. Some unique cases may need the interpreter to spend time with the deaf consumer so that they can familiarise with their communication preferences and language level.

Languages Unlimited works with numerous clients in Chicago to provide simultaneous and accurate interpretation services for hearing and deaf consumers using ASL interpreters. These services are available for both video remote interpretation and in-person appointments in Chicago. Our legal interpreters are qualified to work in courtrooms and other places that need legal representation. We also offer our services in hospitals, government agencies, offices and schools among other areas.