American Sign Language, Video Remote, and Over-the-Phone Interpreting Services in Daytona Beach, Florida

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The medical industry in the United States provide their services to its citizens and to citizens of other countries as well. The State of Florida is of no exception. The Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center on Memorial Medical Pkwy in Daytona Beach and the Halifax Health Medical Center on N Clyde Morris Blvd have seen an influx of international patients in recent years. As you can imagine, with all these patients both local and international, the professionals of these hospitals are under constant pressure to ensure that effective communication takes place between patients and hospitals staff. Among the local patients, deaf and hard of hearing patrons require interpreting services on a regular basis. ASL interpreters from LU report to these hospitals on a regular basis. When it is not possible to obtain an on-site linguist to provide the service, these facilities make use of our VRI (video remote interpreting) service instead.

Our Over-the Phone interpreting service is very popular with these medical facilities as well. When patients of foreign countries who speak languages other than English calls these facilities to inquire about their services, their operators make use of our OPI service. To illustrate how the service works, let assume that a patient whom we’ll refer to as Jose calls from Mexico to set up an appointment for a possible surgery. Jose does not speak a word of English and only speaks Spanish. When he initiates the call, the operator has a choice of using the service if a bilingual hospital representative is not available. If the OTP service will be used, a toll-free number which is previously provided to the hospital by LU is utilized. In addition to the toll-free number, the operator will utilize an access code which give her immediate access to the service and the desired languages. Well over 200 languages are accessible through the system. As Spanish interpreter should be on the line in seconds.

Daytona International Speedway, on West International Speedway Blvd, attracts tourists from all over the world. Citizens from France, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and Spain are among the many screaming fans during any racing event. When these fans arrive in Daytona, they occupy many hotel rooms in the area. In addition, the services of interpreters and translators are highly requested in places like the Museum of Arts and Science on S Nova Rd, the Daytona Beach Boardwalk and Pier and the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse & Museum. When Alfredo from Italy and Alberto from Spain, extreme car racing fans arrived in Daytona beach with their families during the most recent race, they checked in at the Wyndham Ocean Walk on North Atlantic Avenue. Italian and Spanish interpreters from Languages Unlimited were on hand to facilitate their conversations with the hotel staff. Ruth and Gisele who are from Germany and France respectively chose to stay at the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Daytona Beach on the Ocean with their families. German and French interpreters from LU were made available for them as well.

Again, LU is your main language service provider in Daytona Beach Florida for ASL, VRI, OTP and other language services.