American Sign Language Services in Las Vegas, Nevada

Languages Unlimited is a leading ASL translator service in the state of Nevada and can provide services in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, as well as Reno, Carson City, and other major cities around the state. Their professionalism shows through every facet of their service, from the first request for a translator, to when the translator has finished up and left, knowing that everyone has communicated what they need to and is happy with what has been accomplished.

Languages Unlimited works exclusively with sign language interpreters in Las Vegas who are certified with the Registry for the Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and the National Association of the Deaf (NAD). Because of this, you know you are going to get highly qualified interpreters every time you need sign language translation services.

Medical ASL Interpreting

It is quite common to need ASL interpreting in the medical field. People come to medical offices without notice sometimes so they don’t always have their own interpreter handy for such instances. Some larger hospitals may have a deaf interpreter on staff for occasions like this, but not all do. If they do, they probably only have one, and these larger hospitals can be quite busy so that one interpreter may not be able to get to everyone as quickly as they would like. Having a service like Languages Unlimited handy for such cases is very handy as they would be able to take on those additional cases where American Sign Language translation would be needed so those people would not have to wait as long just because of their inability to communicate.

Legal ASL Interpreting

Court rooms are another place where American Sign Language services are needed, and quite often. Because of the nature of the court room scenes, whether it is someone giving testimony, someone giving a deposition, or someone just giving their statement to a police officer that will later be used in court, it is very important that the interpreter be as objective as possible. The person interpreting the statement, the testimony, or the deposition, cannot be in any way involved in the case. That is where a service such as Languages Unlimited comes in. They are not involved in any way and can simply translate for the deaf person. If there are more than one deaf persons involved, than more than one translator can be brought in.

Why Hire an ASL Interpreter?

An interpreter understands not only how to communicate with those who are deaf or extremely hard of hearing, but they also understand the stigma behind “speaking” American Sign Language and they can help put someone’s fears to rest if they are uneasy about using their ASL skills to use in a public place such as a hospital or court room. Being in a hospital or court room can be a scary thing even if you can hear and understand everything that is going on around you but if you can’t, it is even scarier, and an interpreter for the deaf can help make things less scary.

Make sure to have a Las Vegas sign language interpreter from Languages Unlimited handy for any occasions where you may need to communicate with a deaf person in your facility. It will make things easier on you, and them.