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Language Translation Services in Santa Ana California

Languages Unlimited has its headquarters in Orlando, Florida. We’ve been there for over 20 years. We’ve served practically all the major companies and government agencies in Orlando, Florida by providing them translation services. From the USCIS to the Social Security Administration office, the Orange County Sherriff’s Office to the Orlando Police Department, Valencia College to the University of Central Florida, the Orlando Health healthcare system to Orlando Regional Medical Center, the law offices of Morgan and Morgan to the law offices of Dan Newlin, from the Orange County Convention Center to the Orange County Courthouse, we’ve provided translation services to virtually all of them.

Over the years, we’ve translated thousands of birth certificates from Spanish to English, Portuguese to English, German to English, Chinese to English, Arabic to English and so on. Our Translations are certified and notarized just the way that the USCIS wants them. For the colleges and Universities and the foreign students who attend them, we’ve translated thousands of college transcripts and diplomas. We also provide the required certificate of translation with the proper notarization just the way schools like the University of South Florida and Valencia College require them.

We provide sign language Interpreters during conferences and conventions at the Orange County Convention Center. In fact, our simultaneous interpreters frequent the OCCC on a regular basis. They carry with them simultaneous interpreting equipment like headsets, microphones, receivers, interpreter control units, table top and full booths.
The law firm of Bogin, Munns & Munns in Orlando, Florida the law offices of Morgan and Morgan, the law offices of Dan Newlin, the Nejame law firm, the Pendas Law firm, all located in Orlando, Florida and they’ve all used our services at some point in time. Our interpreters are used during depositions, trials, recorded statements, etc. Our translators are used for document translations of contracts, company and personal legal documents like divorce decrees, employee manuals etc. Our interpreters appear in person (on-site), over-the-phone, and via video remote. Our clients can be accommodated by appointments and on the spot or last minute.

Several hospitals in central Florida have used our translation and interpretation services. Our over-the-phone interpretation services (OPI) is one of the most recommended services by hospitals in central Florida. Video Remote services are also used on occasion.

We are in the MetroWest area of Orlando. Our only business is translation services which includes translation of documents which is performed by professional and certified translators. It is very important to note that each translated document is accompanied by a certificate of translation which is notarized by a notary public of the state of Florida. Translation services also includes interpretation services which is done either on-site, over the phone or via video remote. On-site interpretation is done either simultaneously or consecutively. Simultaneous interpretation requires equipment like headsets, microphones, and booths. Consecutive interpretation is done following a pause, break or silence of the speaker. Both simultaneous and consecutive interpretations are done by highly skilled professionals and often certified interpreters. Languages Unlimited provides translation services in Orlando, Florida including sign language services.