CART Services

CART, or Communication Access Real-Time Translation – also referred to as Real-Time Stenography – is a service that lets large audiences and hearing impaired people get speech-to-text in real-time. Certified CART providers use a custom speech to text software to provide word-for-word text on-site, as well as remotely. This services is also referred to as Real-Time Captioning although both services are a bit different in nature. Languages Unlimited provides CART Captioning Services through certified individuals with substantial experience in the field.

Why Use CART?

While the primary users of this service are deaf and hard of hearing population, CART is also used in many other settings such as in courts, large gatherings, group discussions, and more. Now one might question the use of CART instead of ASL interpreters. Well, the Centers for Disease Control estimates the number of deaf and hard of hearing people at roughly around 37 million. Of these, less than 2% use American Sign Language for communication. Since a large majority of hard of hearing populace does not understand or use ASL, services like CART provide an excellent alternative and a cost effective means to get the message across.

How It Works?

The CART providers from Languages Unlimited use steno machines and state-of-the-art software by writing on their steno machines using phonetic shorthand which is then translated instantaneously into text. Our CART providers are certified to type up to 250 words a minute with an accuracy rate of close to 98%. The text is then streamed for viewing through a number of options such as laptops, large screens, and LED boards in addition to Smartphones and the Internet. No special software is required for consumers to view the text.

Onsite and Remote CART Services

While the CART services are primary used on-site, they can as easily be provided off-site and remotely as they are on-site. All you need for remote CART services is an Internet connection to get the audio feed to our certified CART provider. Once the audio feed is received by the provider, he will convert the audio into text in real-time and stream it to wherever and in whatever way you want it to be displayed.

Cost-Effective & Certified CART Services

Languages Unlimited has been providing highly successful solutions in translation, interpretation, and sign language for its customers for more than 2 decades now. Continuing with our innovative track record, we are pleased to offer CART services through highly experienced and certified providers and cutting-edge software.

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