Top 3 types of documents requested by International Students across the country.

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documents requested by International Students

In a world that increasingly put’s high premium on high scholarly achievements, it is not surprising that among the top three types of documents requested by international students, High School Transcript and Diplomas come first.
Diplomas and high school results form an important transition stage to university degrees which can guarantee you excellent education and prestigious professional and career achievements. With a view to acquiring higher education, many international students aspiring to join universities in the US, therefore, do everything within their means to have these important documents.

Proof of Eligibility
Apart from being proof of their eligibility for admission to university, the students know that armed with College Transcripts and Diploma they can confidently set their sights on better employment, high-paying jobs and job satisfaction. They also understand that with good education they will have the options of pursuing careers of their choice. With better prospects for career advancement pegged on high-quality education, every student can work hard, confident in the knowledge that they will reap good job entitlements and benefits.

Future Financial Security and Comfortable Living
The attainment of higher education will enhance their opportunities in the job market by setting them on a trajectory to financial security. In tandem with this will be a comfortable life late on. It is instructive that many international students come from poor backgrounds and so they find the prospects of going back to their countries with high academic credentials quite enticing.
However, before securing admission in any institution in the US, they must first gain entry into the country. But they cannot do that unless they can prove where they were born. To do so, they must produce Birth Certificates to show that they are who they claim to be. When looking for important travel documents like passports, it is mandatory to produce the provenance of birth.

Admission to Top Universities
One area where high school transcripts play an important role is in showing the abilities of the students. It does not come as a wonder that many top-tier universities insist on evaluating the performance and abilities of applicants while they were in high school. Such colleges reserve special scholarships for exceptionally talented students. For international students, maintaining a top position in their class is a ticket to some of the best colleges. Sometimes having these essential documents is almost a matter of life and death.

Notarization and Authentication
But obtaining the transcript and diplomas is not an end per se. Many universities require that all academic documents in a foreign language be translated and certified. It is the student’s responsibility to search for certified translations of their documents before submitting their applications. The same applies to any other related documents that may be required.

One aspect of this process that international students need not worry about is how to convert their grades to reflect the US system. It is not necessary to go this far because all admission officials who handle foreign applicants are familiar with various grading systems. Your application is treated within the context of the grading scale used in your country of origin.
The good news is that many universities and colleges peg their admission on any score that is above average starting from 70% and above of any grading system.