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Languages Unlimited is committed to providing customers with professional translation and expert  transcription and interpretation services for all their different needs. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have carved ourselves a niche in the market. Our company is committed to providing professional translation, interpretation and transcription services, for the convenience of our clients.

A Celebrated GSA Contract Holder Company

Languages Unlimited holds the distinction of being a GSA contract holder company, being which, opened up new arenas of opportunities for us, to provide our competent services to the federal and state agencies, for assistance in different purposes.

We have made our services available to a multitude of different government agencies, of federal, state and local significance, by virtue of being a GSA contract holder company, which has made it possible for us to present our professional translation, transcription and interpretation services for the assistance of our clients.

Our record of having served the client market, professionally and in a highly satisfactory manner, is testimony to the quality and the pride we take in our services. Being a GSA contract holder company, we provide our translation and transcription services, to an ever widening customer market, for our private and government sector clients.

Our Services

Our portfolio of services include, human language and interpretation services, transcription services, desktop publishing services, sign language interpretation assistance and technical and professional proofreading services. We hold a Subject Matter Experts (SME) certification, which enables us to identify the required subject knowledge and skills, required for a specific project and assignment for a client.

Document Translation Services

Our team of translation experts and linguists are qualified professionals, with the required knowledge of the specific field, for which they are to provide their services. We understand the importance of accurate translation in different business contracts and legal documents, for both the private and federal agencies, and provide competent services in this regard.

Telephonic Interpretation Services

We provide telephonic interpretation services in a variety of worldwide languages, to assist our diverse customer market, with our services. Whether it is the need to discuss new business opportunities with foreign customers, or a requirement for translating the telephonic conversation for other purposes, our team provides efficient services in this respect.

On Site Interpretation

We also offer on site interpretation services for conferences and meetings, as well as for trials and hearings which require competent interpretation assistance. Our interpretation services are available for courtroom proceedings and immigration meetings as well.


Languages Unlimited also offers efficient transcription services, for assistance in providing documents with the detailed and accurate written content, discussed in a meeting or a conference or hearing. At legal trials and hearings, as well as in seminars, our transcription services ensure assistance to our clients.

Services Provided To Federal and State Agencies

We offer government translation services to federal and state agencies for assistance in courtroom proceedings, required translation support in conferences and official meetings, telephonic interpretations for official conversations, interpretation services for trials and conventions, as well as for public service websites.

We understand the need of state, local and federal agencies to reach the entire population with their public services, and the subsequent need to communicate with a diverse populace. Whether the officials need to communicate with the citizens of their own state or with foreign professionals, we offer them expert government translation services and interpretation services, to make it possible.

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